Aprendiendo Español

Clases de conversación

Why learning Spanish? 

The first thing that comes to mind is for the enjoyment of learning it. The Spanish language is a very beautiful one, with a unique structure that will enable you to think and share your thoughts differently. The language is an expression of the culture and essence of Spanish people.


Some facts about the Spanish language:

- 2nd most spoken language in the world

- 3rd language of the internet

- Official Language in 20 countries worldwide

- Over 400 million native speakers


Spanish speakers across the world have many different cultures and traditions in their respective countries, but all share the same essence expressed through one common language. Spanish is therefore very useful and important to when travelling, doing business, communicating and connecting with other speakers.

Why learning Spanish with us?

We are a team of professional native speakers. We offer personalised one-month or three-month courses where YOU are the owner and in control of your learning, and we are here to guide and support you in achieving your goals. With our helping hand, you will learn at your own rhythm and your own speed.

We do this by:


· Flexible timetables - choose when to have your lessons, with who, and how you will learn.

Every week, you can choose the time, teacher and topic of your next lesson from Monday to Friday and from 9am to 9pm (subject to availability).

· Highly experienced teachers in ELE (Español como lengua extranjera) –

We offer two different types of classes:

- Grammar lessons, with highly experienced teachers in ELE (Español como lengua extranjera);

- Conversation classes (“paliques”) with native speakers from different backgrounds and fields. All of our speakers are professionals with experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and offer a huge range of conversation topics, so you can learn Spanish by speaking and learning about topics that interest you.

· A wide range of ORIGINAL material,

Our material includes videos, posts, interviews, audio, forums and much more.

· A dynamic and multidisciplinary team,

Our team come from many different places and backgrounds, and we aspire to change the learning system by focusing on the student and allowing them to take control of their learning.

· Easy payment by cryptocurrency

· We are one of the first language-learning services to offer payment by cryptocurrency due to their user friendly nature and decentralisation they offer. We see them as a great alternative to the traditional monetary system, although we do accept payment via traditional methods as well.

· Free level test and interview with one of our teachers via our platform,

· We offer this to ensure that we set you on the right path as you take your first steps learning Spanish.

· And of course, a teaching experience full of passion for the Spanish language, for teaching, and for your development, in a carefully tailored approach adapted to your needs.

Remember, the best way to learn to fly is by flying, and the best way to learn to converse is through conversation. To fly you need wings, to converse you need knowledge, and for everything you do you need faith and passion. So here we are to help you and walk with you on this beautiful road to learning Spanish.